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Bright Futures Community Services, Inc.

Bright Futures Community Services was incorporated in 2018 as a non-profit social service agency.  Having direct involvement with Bright Futures Counseling, its founding members created the organization to expand the services the members can provide in the community to the most vulnerable populations within the state of New Jersey. Bright Futures Community Services is a recognized as a 501 (c) (3) charity organization.


Bright Futures Community Services is a New Jersey non-profit organization dedicated to ending stigma and promoting the independence of individuals  who struggle with severe and persistent mental health concerns, intellectual, and/or developmental disabilities, and their families.

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Representative Payee Services

As a designated Representative Payee we assist individuals and families who are unable to appropriately manage their finances due to physical, cognitive, developmental impairment and/or substance abuse.  They may be referred to Bright Futures Community Services by another social service organization, a psychiatric hospital, the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities, a private physician, or any other entity looking for assistance with an individual to manage their finances.

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